Image 2018.1551: We made it, just in time! The Hunslet passing the completed structure. Note the "Stopping of Trains" signage and green banner (both genuine!) for intending passengers to indicate to the driver that they wish to board. The cameraman from the local WIN television station is getting the coverage. Official opening day, Saturday 30th June 2018.

Welcome to Pete’s Hobby Railway – Junee

G’day! Let me introduce you to my live-steam narrow gauge hobby railway… Pete’s Hobby Railway is a small 2-ft (610mm) gauge railway located on private property at Junee in southern NSW (Australia). Locomotives, steam and diesel, formerly used in the canefield tramways of Queensland, have found a new home on Pete’s Hobby Railway. The first …

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Pete’s Hobby Railway… as filmed by others!

The greater majority of the photographic images that have appeared in the various Progress and other Reports on this web page have originated from your truly. All this was to change last October! Two “outsiders” visited Pete’s Hobby Railway and have since released videos on to YouTube of what they saw.

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Progress Report 71: Preparing for Boiler Inspection

Hunslet locomotive “Torpedo” (B/n. 1187 of 1915) was booked for a boiler inspection to take place on Easter Saturday, 16th April 2022. This date had been nominated by our Boiler Inspector as he had a spare date in between a major commercial inspection and testing in Wagga Wagga over Easter. The previous Certificate of Inspection …

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Progress Report 70: A Ballast Wagon for Pete’s Hobby Railway

It’s been a bit of a break in the Refuge Siding, however – at last, another Progress Report! This article was originally written on Thursday, April 07, 2022, but wasn’t published at that time. It was then updated on December 12, 2022 and resubmitted to Nicholas for publication, when he was available] [Editor’s note: My …

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Progress Report 69: Site works, Torpedo, and the Fowler

Pete’s Hobby Railway, and the Junee area in general, is now emerging from the winter months, with day-time temperatures low. Often heavy cloud with even minor winds provides an uncomfortable chill factor. A general lockdown (stay-at-home) imposed by the State Government owing to the COVID-19 pandemic has not helped matters, but was lifted in this …

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