Image 2018.1551: We made it, just in time! The Hunslet passing the completed structure. Note the "Stopping of Trains" signage and green banner (both genuine!) for intending passengers to indicate to the driver that they wish to board. The cameraman from the local WIN television station is getting the coverage. Official opening day, Saturday 30th June 2018.

Welcome to Pete’s Hobby Railway – Junee

G’day! Let me introduce you to my live-steam narrow gauge hobby railway… Pete’s Hobby Railway is a small 2-ft (610mm) gauge railway located on private property at Junee in southern NSW (Australia). Locomotives, steam and diesel, formerly used in the canefield tramways of Queensland, have found a new home on Pete’s Hobby Railway. The first …

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Progress Report 60: Turntable Access to Shed

Short Version Physical turntable installation completed. Basic track access from main line laid and connected. Initial track laid from turntable into Storage Shed laid over servicing pit. Hunslet steam locomotive now stowed under cover. Very temporary additional tracks off turntable for rolling stock storage. Additional works in progress prior to completion of project. Turntable tracks …

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Image 2020.1258: With Ben in charge, the Ruston slowly propels the new addition up the 1 in 22 grade to its interim open storage location at the temporary end-of-track.

Progress Report 59: Bogie goods vehicle obtained

Friday, 28th August saw Pete’s Hobby Railway take delivery of its first bogie vehicle — an open goods wagon which last saw service many years ago on the Innisfail Tramway in North Queensland. It is one of approximately 110 built between 1900 and 1953. Known as H-type open goods wagons because of their similarity to …

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Perry Locomotive “Chiverton” sold to Timbertown

PHR announces the results of the EOI for disposal of Perry steam locomotive and tender: With a more than a little reluctance, Pete’s Hobby Railway is however pleased to announce that Timbertown Wauchope is the successful applicant for purchase of PHR’s Perry-built steam locomotive. Under the provisions of the Expression of Interest, Timbertown has exercised …

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Image 2020.0859: “Torpedo” moves under its own steam for the first time in 18 months. Thursday, 25/06/2020, 1230 hours.

Progress Report 57: Torpedo returns to active service — briefly

A brief encounter… “TORPEDO” returns to active service… and then withdrawn again. The Short Version After 18 months out of service with steam turret problems, PHR’s Hunslet steam locomotive “Torpedo” ran successful trials fitted with a new steam turret on Thursday 25th June.

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Image 2019.2297: View of completed rolling stock storage shed. Wednesday, 18th September 2019.

Progress Report 55: Rolling Stock Storage Shed Completed

The Short Version! Pete’s Hobby Railway now has its own engine and storage shed, 10 metres wide and 14 metres long, complete with two internal rail tracks, one of which includes a lengthy inspection pit. Yes, there is still much to be done before it can be fully commissioned -– a permanent electricity supply installed …

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Image 2019.2214A: No, the Ruston diesel has not caught fire!

Progress Report 54 — Other Happenings and a Passing

December 3, 2019 This Progress Report catches up on some of the other happenings of recent months on Pete’s Hobby Railway. The Short Version Delivery has been taken of a specifically constructed turntable along with a pallet load of new recycled plastic sleepers. Progress on the overhaul of the Fowler steam locomotive has slowed dramatically …

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