Unfortunately, owing to the specific requirements of the Rail Safety National Law 2012 (NSW), I am NOT permitted to open Pete’s Hobby Railway for public inspection and/or rides.

However, visitors are welcome to view, and photograph, Pete’s Hobby Railway from the street only at times that may be advertised (such as during Junee’s Rhythm n Rail Festival, which is usually held in March each year).

There is no set schedule as to when the trains may be operational at Pete’s Hobby Railway. That said I hope to have a couple of “Operational Days” a year, which we will publish advance notice of dates and other details to our website and to our Social Media pages.


Work Days

Work Days are basically days when Peter decides he wants to fire up a locomotive and give it quick run around the track, or they may be part of ongoing maintenance, trials or in preparation for an Operational Day.

PHR volunteers probably will not be in uniform and there will be no set running times.

These Work Days, most likely, will NOT be publicised in advance on our website, but you never know.


Operational Days

Operational Days will usually be run in conjunction with other events and festivals occurring around Junee, such as the Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival. Occasionally we may run Operational days independently to celebrate our own milestones or events (such as Peter’s 75th Birthday and the Grand Opening of Pete’s Hobby Railway).

PHR Volunteers will be in uniform and we will usually run the train to some sort of rough timetable. We’d also most likely invite some of Peter’s friends to join us to travel in some of the carriages. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we can not allow the public to ride on the trains.

We WILL usually post information about upcoming Operational Days on our website and to our social media pages (see the Follow Us section to the right of each page)


Exhibition Days

Occasionally, we may just move one or more of the Locomotives down to the “Loftus Station” at the front of the property and leave them in place so people passing by can take photos.

We may, or may not, be able to publish advance notice of such Exhibition Days.


Tour Groups

As our name of Pete’s Hobby Railway suggests, we operate the private railway as a hobby, NOT as a tourist attraction so we can’t cater for tour groups! Likewise, the restriction of not been able to allow the public on the property prevents us from allowing rides on the trains.

That said, if you have a large group of people traveling through Junee (especially if you are visiting the Junee Roundhouse, which is literally just around the corner from us) and you’d like to view, from the street one of our Locomotives near our station platform, please contact our Events Co-ordinator and we will see what we can arrange.


Days of Total Fire Ban

or extreme temperatures
If there is a day of Total Fire Ban declared in, or around, Junee on a scheduled Work or Operational Day, we will NOT be operating the Hunslet steam locomotive. However, we may elect to have it pushed (and pulled) along the track by the Ruston diesel locomotive, or placed on static display at or near the platform.

If the temperature is 30℃ or above on an Operational Day, we may elect to not operate the Hunslet Steam Locomotive. Again, we may use the diesel to push and pull it instead or, again, placed on static display at or near the platform.


Withdrawal of Operations

Peter Neve, as the owner and operator of Pete’s Hobby Railway, at anytime, and without notice, and at his sole discretion, may postpone, cancel or otherwise alter the proposed schedule or operations of any advertised Pete’s Hobby Railway Event. As Pete’s Hobby Railway is operated solely as a hobby for Peter’s personal enjoyment no further correspondence will be entered into. Nor shall Peter be held liable for any loss or expense incurred by a member of the public because a Pete’s Hobby Railway event does not proceed.