Pete’s Hobby Railway Companions

A short guest authored article, supplied by Phil.

When it comes to keeping company you can rely on ‘man’s best friend’.

On any day whether it be running or working, their presence is always welcome. Free to wander Pete’s property they’re never far from your side. You‘ll always find one of the dogs lying quietly nearby in sight of the work going on.

The three dogs belong to Josh, Matt and Eden. A mix of breeds, their names are Boss, Dozer and Reggie.

Boss, the largest of all, will follow you and make camp where ever you work. His size is to be reckoned with as he’ll lean on you just wanting to be patted.

Josh with Boss

Dozer, an Australian Blue Heeler, grew up on the footplate of steam locos. He’ll always be underfoot whenever a train is running. Put him on a loco or carriage he’ll sit there for hours.

Matt and Dozer on the Ruston

Reggie has bursts of energy and will remove you from your work just so he can run around and have you chase him. Toward the end of a day’s work he’ll appear letting you know that its knock off time.

Reggie learning about wet concrete

Feline not K9, Cinders is the Station Master’s cat (Pete’s cat). Curious to see what work is being undertaken she will appear at any window of the house. Unsure of her exact date of birth, she shares August 1st with all the horses.

Cinders gains Josh’s attention before the concrette arrives

Curiosity of a new path under construction

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  1. Great! I think Reggie is saying “Who? – Me! – Nah – it was Dozer – just look at the size of that paw print”

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