Storage Shed Frame at Pete's Hobby Railway

Progress Report 52: Highlights Update

On behalf of Train Control, I apologise for the lengthy gap in my Progress Reports. As an explanation, during this six month period, I have been in and out of hospital three times — including one, through the Emergency Department resulting in a 10-days stop-over. I am still on “light duties” following a bowel operation. …

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Image 2018.2697: Rhys is loading coal into the side bunker of the Hunslet while Ben stands guard as steam is raised. Wednesday, 10th October 2018.

Progress Report 51: Hunslet steam locomotive out of service for a while

Pete’s Hobby Railway Hunslet steam locomotive out of service for a while and this Progress Report explains why — first with a short version, followed by a far longer and more detailed explanation… The short version A trial steaming of PHR’s operating steam locomotive, Hunslet 1187/1915 “Torpedo”, on Thursday, 21st February, following the fitting of …

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Image 2019-0230: Boring the first whole for the foundations for the engine shed / storage facility on Friday 8/2/2019.

Progress Report 50: Engine Shed Construction Commences – Finally!

The short version Wonderful News! At long last, work has commenced on the construction of the engine shed and storage facility for Pete’s Hobby Railway. Following the levelling of the depot site and the approval by Council of structural plans, initial construction of the 14m long by 10m wide concrete floor commenced on Friday 8th …

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Image 2018.3382: Santa surrenders his reindeer to wait for the train. He will have a long wait, as Pete’s Hobby Railway is not permitted to operate at night. Have to call the reindeer back!

Progress Report No 49 — “All work and no play”

…PHR’s volunteers let their hair down It’s the festive season, and unlike in the Northern Hemisphere with its freezing temperatures, Pete’s Hobby Railway is located in Junee, the Riverina in NSW, Australia, and it is mid-summer… and at times, HOT! And that is with a capital “H”. While I prepare these notes, the outside temperature …

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Image 2018-2159: Boiler washout. Friday, 7/9/2018.

Progress Report 48: Restoring the Fowler

This Report covers recent progress with the overhaul and restoration back to operational condition of 2-ft gauge John Fowler 0-6-0TT B/n 8766 of 1900, one of the collection of Pete’s Hobby Railway. As covered in my previous Progress Report 47 (dated 12/09/2018), I had decided to prepare a second steam locomotive in the Pete’s Hobby …

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Image 2018.1789: …and is gently lowered to the ground, to rest on stacked sleepers.

Progress Report 47: The Mysteries of Fowler 8766 — Assistance sought!

Previous Progress Report No. 46 posted on 1/9/2018 covered the works undertaken to prepare Fowler 0-6-0 TT locomotive 8766 of 1900 to allow a detailed boiler inspection to be undertaken, with the idea of restoring the engine to operational condition for occasional use on Pete’s Hobby Railway. Inspection of the boiler (out of the frame) …

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Image 2018.1663: Ready for the next stage. Wednesday 4/7/2018.

Progress Report 46: Preliminary Work commences on Fowler locomotive restoration

Apart from the currently working Hunslet 0-4-2T (B/n 1187 of 1915), Pete’s Hobby Railway possesses two other steam locomotives, both non-operational and on static display at the front of the property behind Loftus station. These are a Fowler 0-6-0TT (B/n 8766 of 1900) and an 0-6-2T, built by Perry Engineering in South Australia in 1938, …

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Image 7. The green banner is used by Steph to officially stop the first train to pick up passengers at this “unattended” platform. “Unattended” means that there were no staff allocated to the station and that (on the “big railway”) trains would only stop if signalled to do so by intending passengers.

Progress Report 44: Waiting Shed for Loftus — Official Opening

Saturday afternoon, 30th June, saw the official opening of the just-completed 1914 era replica waiting shed at Pete’s Hobby Railway. We were honoured to have the opening undertaken by our local State Member of Parliament, Steph Cooke MP, Member for Cootamundra. Weather conditions were, to say the least, a little cool, but at least the …

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Image 2018.0545: The structure now looks like a waiting shed, but there is still much to be done. Monday, 9th April 2018.

Progress Report 43: Waiting Shed for Loftus — the Construction

Preliminary Works As covered in Progress Report No. 37 of 14/11/2017, construction works commenced on Thursday 9th November, with a hired-in bob-cat excavating for the concrete floor base of the waiting shed. At that time, it was anticipated that the waiting room would be completed in time for an official opening in conjunction with the …

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