Image 2017-4819: Wash-out water pours from the open plugs as Bill checks for contaminants.

Progress Report 36: Boiler Inspection Time

It is hard to believe that it is almost twelve months since PHR’s steam locomotive “Torpedo” (Hunslet 1187/1915) received its initial boiler ticket following its major overhaul during 2015/2016. With the visit from the Boiler Inspector slotted in for next week, it was necessary for “Torpedo” to be prepared internally, and this meant a really …

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Image 2017.4116: The Hunslet as at the new temporary terminus of the track extension… Matt and Dave are in the cab, while Rhys keeps an eye on his trackwork from yesterday.

Progress Report No. 35 – Obtaining a coal supply and Lunch from the Fireman’s Shovel!

Obtaining a coal supply Until now, the Hunslet “Torpedo” had been steamed using cut firewood obtained locally, split as required to be more manageable for the firebox. A very small amount of coal had been obtained last year from the Illawarra Light Railway at Albion Park on the South Coast, followed subsequently by a slight …

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Image 2017.3260: The stuffing box was then reassembled and steam-tested.

Progress Report 34 – Continuing problems with the Hunslet!

While the primary plan for the week following the return of my Hunslet steam locomotive from Ainsworth Engineering at Goulburn on Friday 7th July was the track extension works, there was obviously a strong desire to steam the locomotive for further trials. Tuesday 11th July was set down for the initial steaming. Meanwhile, as detailed …

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Progress Report No. 32 – The Hunslet returns!

Following advice from Ainsworth Engineering that the caulking of the firebox weep had finally been successfully completed together with other adjustments and modifications, followed by a static steaming test, arrangements were put in hand for “Torpedo” (Hunslet 0-4-2T, B/n 1187 of 1915) to be collected from Goulburn and returned to Pete’s Hobby Railway at Junee. …

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Image 2017.1913: My Hunslet shares space within Ainsworth Engineering’s heritage workshop with a rather large traction engine.

Progress Report 29 – The Hunslet at Goulburn

The Hunslet at Goulburn A trip to Sydney on Tuesday 4th April enabled a brief stopover at Goulburn to inspect progress with the modifications and adjustments to my Hunslet steam locomotive following operational experience gained after its major overhaul in 2015-16. Post-overhaul adjustments include; Caulking of a minor steam weep at the front left of …

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Image 3928: With Mario supervising and Ben carefully guiding, the Hunslet is gently lowered on to the trailer. Observe the use of thick rubber pads which prevented the chains from biting into the frame of the locomotive.

Progress Report 28: The Hunslet leaves Junee!

As covered in recent Progress Reports, several small but niggling problems had developed since the initial steaming of the Hunslet late last year, culminating in the discovery of a weep from the front of the firebox. Until such time as the Storage Shed with inspection pit and overhead crane are constructed, anything other than the …

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Image 2017.1768: The Hunslet diesel hauls two well-laden carriages up the eastern grade towards the southern terminus.

Progress Report 27 – Our First Public Viewing Days

As part of the 2017 Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival, Pete’s Hobby Railway conducted our first two publicised Operating Days, where we operated the trains and had the public visitors to the Rhythm n Festival viewing, from the street, the Hunslet steam locomotive and the Ruston Diesel locomotive hauling our passenger carriages. We even had …

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