Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions frequently asked about Pete’s Hobby Railway…


Q. Where is Pete’s Hobby Railway located?

A. Pete’s Hobby Railway is located just on the outskirts of town on a property called “The Roses” in Wardle Street, Junee, NSW, Australia.

The simplest way to find Pete’s Hobby Railway is to follow the signs in town that point to the Junee Roundhouse Museum. Turn off the Olympic Highway onto Harold Street towards the Roundhouse. Wardle Street is the SECOND street on your right (note you’ll pass two laneways as well). And Pete’s Hobby Railway is the second last property on your left – you’ll easily see the railway and station from the street 🙂

You can find The Roses aka Pete’s Hobby Railway on Google Maps.


Q. When does the railway operate?

A. Being a “hobby railway”, it operates when Pete (and his band of volunteers!) want it to. This will generally be on any weekday, but only occasionally!

In order to help out in the promotion of Junee as the “1870s railway town”, Pete, with the assistance of his volunteers, has undertaken to demonstrate Pete’s Hobby Railway during various festivals and events held in Junee throughout the year.

Check out our Events page for more information and see the “Upcoming Events” section on the right hand side of each of our webpages for the next scheduled event.

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Q. How long is the track at Pete’s Hobby Railway?

A. As of July 2017 the track length is 416 metres.

You can read a summary of when the various sections of tracks were added (up until July 2017) in Progress Report 33.

The most current track diagram will always be included on our About page.


Q. Can I ride on the trains?

A. Unfortunately, owing to the specific requirements of the Rail Safety National Law 2012 (NSW), Peter is NOT permitted to open Pete’s Hobby Railway for public inspection and/or rides.

However, visitors will be welcome to view, and photograph, Pete’s Hobby Railway from the street only, at times that may be advertised (such as during Junee’s Rhythm n Rail Festival, which is usually held in March each year).

Q. But I’ve seen people riding the train (in person or in photos), so why can’t I ride it?

A. People you may have seen riding in the carriages will have been friends of Peter’s who he has invited to join him for the day to help him enjoy his hobby of trains, or else they are regular volunteers who have assisted Peter in developing and maintaining his hobby.


Q. Can I volunteer to assist at Pete’s Hobby Railway?

A. Of course you can!!! But not just for one day only so that you can ride the train!

Visit our Volunteers Page for more information.


Q. What locomotives and other rolling stock are located at Pete’s Hobby Railway?

A. See our Locomotives and Rolling Stock pages for a summary of the current rolling stock and locomotives currently housed at Pete’s Hobby Railway.


Q. Why does your steam engine carry the name “Torpedo”?

A. This was the name given to the locomotive during its working life at Pioneer Sugar Mills P/L Inkerman Mill, from 1915 until withdrawn in 1963. Why the name was chosen is lost in the annals of time.

More information about this history of the Hunslet can be found in Progress Report 05.


Q. Why is your station called “Loftus”?

A. Peter lived in the Sydney suburb of Loftus between 1955 and 2015 and due to a quirk of history he is able to continue with the LOFTUS name! According to the “How and Why of Station Names”, the original construction name for the local Junee railway station was… Loftus! before been renamed to Junee in 1878.

See Progress Report 18 for more information about this.


Q. My question hasn’t been answered 🙁

A. Sorry we haven’t been able to answer your question. Have a look at the various Pages on listed on the right hand side of each webpage – there is a lot of information there.

If you still can’t find an answer, feel free to contact us using our Contact Form..