Pete’s Hobby Railway is followed world-wide!

One of the aspects of having a web page is that it can be utilised to compile statistics. Of these, the most interesting so far as I am concerned, is who is following the exploits, progress or otherwise, of Pete’s Hobby Railway. Actual names would mean nothing to me, however, the countries of origin do.

A recent upgrade of WordPress, the system used for the PHR web page and its associated Progress Reports, etc., is that it is able to provide me with the country of origin and the number of hits from that country.

In total, people from 98 different countries or regions from across the globe have shown an interest in Pete’s Hobby Railway.

I note that there are 292 hits registered against China, with a further 61 from Hong Kong! PHR is even being followed in Russia by a few. There are viewers from the islands of Guernsey and the Isle of Man, and believe it or not… Trinidad & Tobago, and French Polynesia.

As one would expect, by far the largest number of hits is from Australia, with slightly under 50,000. Second, a long way behind is the United Kingdom with 4,500 and third is the United States, with just under 4,000.

22 countries have one hit only each — that said almost half of the 195 countries recognised by the United Nations have not yet expressed any interest in Pete’s Hobby Railway 🙂

Below is a list of the originating countries, together with the number of views.

I wonder if we’ll ever get a hit from places like the Vatican City, Antarctica, or any of the “micro nations” — as far as we can tell we never had a visitor from the former Principality of Hutt River 🙂

Pete’s Hobby Railway would like to hear from followers in countries outside Australia. Please drop us a note through the Pete’s Hobby Railway Facebook Page and tell us what you find of interest about our humble little Hobby Railway, that’s Down Under.

SM Loftus

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