Progress Report 61: Christmas (in the Year of the Covid)

Doubtless, 2020 will become known as the Year of the Covid. As it thankfully draws to a close with the dreaded disease all-but-beaten here in Australia, we at Pete’s Hobby Railway thought the least we could do to make things a little brighter was to get involved with our town’s Christmas Lighting Decorations competition.

Image 2020.1779: Josh is trying to unscramble the lighting on the station veranda.

Accordingly, with coloured and white mini-lights, two reindeer, a sleigh and a “blow-up” Santa Claus, Phil and Josh have decorated Loftus station. I didn’t realise how long it would take, as they had to run multitudinous low-voltage cables all around the place and back to a central electrical distribution box located within the platform shelter.

Being mid-summer in Australia, with resultant long (and hot) days and shorter hours of darkness, it was not until 2030 hours on Tuesday 2/12 that the decorations were illuminated for the first time. And how bright they are!

Image 2020.1788: Time exposure! Can you spot the reindeer and the sled?

Image 2020.1795: View from the station entrance, off the house driveway.

Pending any adverse weather conditions, I am planning for the illuminations to be turned on between the hours of (approx.) 1800 (6:00pm) to 2330 (11:30pm) each day until Boxing Day.

Junee Lions Club Christmas Light Competition

Pete’s Hobby Railway, also known as The Roses, has entered the 2020 Junee Lions Club Christmas Lights Competition!

If you like (or love) our lights, please vote for us!

ps: The best viewing times will be after dusk — so approx 8:15pm to 11:30pm.


SM Loftus.

Addendum Gallery

The following images were taken at “dusk” on Saturday, December 5th… after 14.5mm of rainfall during the day.

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