Progress Report 52: Highlights Update

On behalf of Train Control, I apologise for the lengthy gap in my Progress Reports. As an explanation, during this six month period, I have been in and out of hospital three times — including one, through the Emergency Department resulting in a 10-days stop-over. I am still on “light duties” following a bowel operation.

Although I am in the process of preparing an in-depth catch-up Progress Report or two, here are some highlights to satisfy your curiosity and your on-line support of Pete’s Hobby Railway.

  1. Storage Shed. Ground-levelling earth-works undertaken. Shed floor laid in re-enforced concrete containing two tracks, one of which with a 6m long inspection pit. Framework for the shed, 10mW x 14mL, just about completed. Hopefully, it should be sheeted and roofed within a fortnight (rain as forecast permitting). Costs contained within budget, thank heavens!
  2. Hunslet steam locomotive. Still out of action, but new/replacement steam turret has been manufactured and should be delivered within a few days. Attempting to source a replacement safety valve to replace an air valve fitted in error during past overhaul. Hopefully, a month should see the loco back in service – finally!
  3. Fowler steam locomotive restoration. Progress has slowed dramatically as costs have considerably exceeded expectations. Locomotive has been totally stripped, with various parts either being repaired or replacements made. New boiler tubes on order and currently awaiting delivery. It is likely that the wheels will be returned to the frame and the lot placed inside the new Storage Shed, along with the parts – out of the weather and the weeds!
  4. Ruston diesel locomotive. Currently available for service. Modifications have been carried out in an attempt to get battery to recharge when unit is in operation.

The attached image, taken on Friday 16th August, shows the shed frame in place, the concreted shed floor and the inspection pit on 2 Road. Marked in the foreground is the site of the 5m manual turntable. The witch’s hat marks the centre of the turntable, while Inscribed in the dirt can be seen the rough route of the 18m radius curved track leading into No. 1 Road. Workshop machinery and storage racks will be located in the space to the left of No. 1 Road.

Storage Shed Frame at Pete's Hobby Railway

2019-2010: Shed frame in place, the concreted shed floor and the inspection pit on 2 Road.

That’s all, folks!
SM Loftus (on sick leave)

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