Progress Report 10

Junee Shire Council held an “Extraordinary” Meeting this afternoon (Tuesday 28/6), mainly to discuss Council’s budget for the 2016/17 Financial Year, but also considered were several Development Applications, including mine for the construction of a Storage Shed and Hobby Railway. As I was present at the meeting, supported by two others, my D.A. was advanced for immediate discussion.

Recommendation 1 – “That pursuant to Section 80 and Section 80A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Development Application No. 2015/19 from Mr. P N Neve for a New Storage Shed and Hobby Railway track of 610mm gauge with scales locomotive engine use (sic)… be approved subject to the following conditions …” was carried, as was Recommendation 2 – that I be advised of the decision of Council!

As well as standard D.A. conditions, Council also imposed a number of “Operational Conditions of Consent”. While these appeared in the General Manager’s submission, it is probably better that I wait before sharing same with you, until I have received the formal written advice of Council’s decision which will include these Operational Conditions as some appear to conflict!

The main thing is, that after some twelve months before Council, I finally have Approval for Pete’s Hobby Railway!

Pete’s Hobby Railway

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