Some Visitors to Pete’s Hobby Railway

With the warmer finally arriving in Junee, we have seen a couple of visitors to Pete’s Hobby Railway.

Our first visitor was discovered late in the afternoon of 25th October. I had been trimming low level branches along the western boundary of “The Roses” (the name of my property in Junee) when I came across this camouflaged beast lying motionless in the grass. At first I thought it was the bark off a tree, but closer examination found this not to be the case as the “bark” had legs! It was a bearded dragon. It only moved a foot or so during the time I went to the house to get the camera. Even after taking two photos, it did not want to move on.

2016-4369: A visitor to Pete's Hobby Railway

2016-4369: A visitor to Pete’s Hobby Railway

2016-4370: Another angle of our visitor

2016-4370: Another angle of our visitor

Then on Friday, 4th October, we had our first Track Inspector checking out the new track extension. Obviously this bearded dragon preferred the warmth of the railhead rather than taking the easier route between the sleepers and under the rails.

2016-4604: Our first 'Track Inspector'

2016-4604: Our first ‘Track Inspector’

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