Steaming ahead on new track, plus a Bon Fire!

Image Joel 2424: With Ben at the controls, the Ruston hauls a loaded train through Loftus platform as some public enviously look on.

Image Joel 2424: With Ben at the controls, the Ruston hauls a loaded train through Loftus platform as some public from the 2017 Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival look on.

With a nice warm spring day forecast for this coming Monday, an operational day is planned for Pete’s Hobby Railway. This will also be an opportunity to run the train over the full length of the recently extended track, now in excess of 400 metres in length and crossing my front driveway twice.

Weather conditions (ie, wind!) being also satisfactory, it is proposed that our bonfire shall be lit.

Fireman's Lunch -- cooked on the coal shovel over the Hunslet fire box

Fireman’s Lunch — cooked on the coal shovel over the Hunslet fire box

You may even see the volunteers enjoying a “fireman’s lunch” on the station platform, prepared on the shovel using the hot coals in the locomotive firebox to cook the sausages, eggs and bacon. Yum yum!!!!

Train Spotting Times
Monday, September 18, 2017
12:00noon — 3:00pm

Bonus: Bon Fire Evening

Assuming it is not too windy, the rather large accumulation of branches etc that make up the pile currently found in the middle of the Western Lawn will become a bonfire in the late afternoon or early evening — The exact time will depend how tired all the volunteers feel after running the trains (remembering that we have 3-4 hours prep to get the Hunslet up to steam and ready to operate) but we hope to light the bon fire as dusk descends upon us.

It’ll be interesting to see the lighting effects on the two static displays of the Perry and the Fowler — there could be some unique photo opportunities.

Kindling Required

Old Fence Palings -- ideal as kindling

Old Fence Palings — ideal as kindling

It could also be the last time the Hunslet will operate for a while as a source of suitable light-up timbers (such as elusive timber fence palings) has to be found. We are down to our last lot of suitable timber on site unless better quality timber is cut up. Unfortunately, the stuff on the bon fire heap isn’t suitable as kindling.

If you have any light timbers or wood you think would be suitable for us to use as kindling and are willing to donate it to us, please contact Peter, using our Contact Form, and make the subject Kindling.

We can arrange for collection of the timbers, as long as it is in a reasonable pile before we arrive.

Getting to Pete’s Hobby Railway

Pete’s Hobby Railway is located just on the outskirts of town on a property called “The Roses” in Wardle Street, Junee, NSW, Australia.

The simplest way to find Pete’s Hobby Railway is to follow the signs in town that point to the Junee Roundhouse Museum. Turn off the Olympic Highway onto Harold Street towards the Roundhouse. Wardle Street is the SECOND street on your right (note you’ll pass two laneways as well). And Pete’s Hobby Railway is the second last property on your left – you’ll easily see the railway and station from the street 🙂

You can find The Roses aka Pete’s Hobby Railway on Google Maps.

Limited parking will be available on the verge in front of Peter’s property. Please respect our neighbours and avoid blocking access to their properties.

Not open for public inspection, nor rides!

Unfortunately, owing to the specific requirements of the Rail Safety National Law 2012 (NSW), I am NOT permitted to open Pete’s Hobby Railway for public inspection and/or rides.

However, the public are welcome to view, and photograph, Pete’s Hobby Railway from the street only.

See our FAQs for more information about this.

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