Web Statistics for Pete’s Hobby Railway

Since going live in mid-2016, this, the Pete’s Hobby Web Page has received almost 30,000 hits. Search Engines place Pete’s Hobby Railway at the top of the Enquiry Page.

Through the marvels of WordPress, the web page programme that PHR uses, the Administrators are able to determine the country of origin of each of these hits or views. So far, for January 2019, the web page has been viewed in 20 countries but looking back to the commencement of the Web Page in mid-2016, the number of countries grows to an amazing 79!

Obviously, Australia leads this tally with (as at 27/1) 24,731 hits, followed by the United Kingdom (2,041) and the United States (1,086). Other countries with three figure views include Canada (178) and Germany (158). Another 22 countries are in double figures, ranging from 81 down to 12.

I’m flabbergasted! Many thanks to my web master Nick for making this possible. All I have to do is to provide the material and Nick turns it into the final interesting product! Nicholas also manages the Facebook and Twitter feeds. Then there is Rhys, who looks after the PHR Instagram feed and YouTube channel to publicise the activities and progress of Pete’s Hobby Railway. Thanks, guys.

SM Loftus.

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