PHR proposes sale of Perry locomotive

You are reading it here first — Pete’s Hobby Railway is proposing the sale of our 2-ft gauge “Perry” steam locomotive!

Previous Progress Reports (22, 46, 47, 48 & 54) have detailed the major overhaul being undertaken “in-house” by Pete’s Hobby Railway of its 0-6-0TT steam locomotive CSR Victoria Mill’s “Perth”, built by John Fowler and Co in 1900, Builder’s Number 8766 (“the Fowler”). The Fowler overhaul has reached a stage where the frame, wheels and motion are ready for reassembly, the boiler has been the subject of a satisfactory inspection and replacement boiler-tubes obtained. Replacement side tanks (with coal bunker) are already on-hand, and await fitting to an overhauled and reassembled main frame. The frame has now been moved under cover within the new PHR storage shed where further works can be undertaken.

A quotation has been received for the works on the Fowler to be completed commercially. However, it is considered that the works could be completed for considerably less than this amount in house — even so, PHR is not able to finance same at this time.

Hence, a very reluctant decision has been made to consider raising some of the funds required by the sale of PHR’s third steam locomotive, an Australian built 0-6-2T (Perry Engineering) of 1938 (the “Perry”). This decision has been helped along a little, as it would seem that even if restored to working order, the Perry would not be able to operate around PHR’s sharper radius curves, down to 18 metres.

The details appear in the advertisement below, but basically PHR is inviting expressions of interest for the possible purchase of the Perry. PHR is looking for for serious offers; it is provided “as is, where is”. What-ever dismantled parts are in PHR’s possession would be included in the disposal, together with some builder’s plans and an original builder’s plate. Local town craneage is available, at cost, for loading on to your road vehicle and we can recommend a professional hauler if required.

The Perry is rather unusual as it is equipped for haulage of rolling stock of two gauges, the other being 3’6” (1067mm).

While the original Perry side-tanks are no longer available, an original version bogie tender, once fitted to Colonial Sugar Refining Co. sugar mills’ Hudswell Clarke locomotives, could also be sold to a prospective purchaser if desired. This would allow the purchaser to rebuild the Perry loco into a tender-type engine.

Serious proposals only, please.

As a minimum, PHR are looking at using the funds raised from the sale of the Perry to permit reassembly of the wheels and motion to the Fowler underframe, or total retubing of the boiler and refitting of the various ancillaries.

Donations towards Fowler overhaul: If anyone would like to contribute towards the Fowler overhaul, these donations would be greatly appreciated. I can assure you that these would be allocated solely towards the Fowler overhaul project. Thank you!

Please contact Peter, by selecting Stationmaster from our Contact Form, if you would like further information about purchasing the Perry or for donating towards the Fowler restoration.

Station Master, Loftus
Pete’s Hobby Railway

A PDF version of the Flyer is available by clicking here.

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