Torque July 6, 2018 – Four Pages of Coverage

Torque LogoThe July 6, 2018 issue of Your Local Weekly Torque featured a massive FOUR pages (out of 16) of coverage of Pete’s Hobby Railway.

Kieren Tilly, the “Torque Big Wheel” attended the Grand Opening of the new 1915-style Unattended Waiting Shed that has been constructed on Loftus Station platform.

The front cover featured a photo of Steph Cooke MP, Member of Cootamundra (who officially opened the Waiting Shed) and Peter Neve OAM, Owner of Pete’s Hobby Railway standing in front of the Hunslet steam locomotive, Torpedo.

Page 2 includes “Driver’s Side” the publication’s editorial and more than half of this discussed Pete’s Hobby Railway. We were thrilled to read Kieren comparing Pete’s Hobby Railway to Puffing Billy and Timbertown — maybe one day Pete’s Hobby Railway will evolve from a Hobby Railway, open only to friends of Peter’s, to a full tourist attraction… but for now Peter is enjoying his Hobby.

As a visitor to Puffing Billy in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne and Timbertown in Wauchope I can say that those seeking recreational steam in all its glory, Pete’s Hobby Railway is right up there.

Kieren Tilly
Torque — July 6, 2018

We especially love Jackson’s drawing of the steam locomotive he left of Kieran’s whiteboard (as seen on Page 2). Next time Daddy visits Pete’s Hobby Railway, we hope Jackson will join us.

Page 3 includes a few photos of Torpedo, our steam locomotive, and a few of the volunteers; along with a short article detailing Pete’s Hobby Railway.

Finally, Page 12 was a full page of photos of Pete’s Hobby Railway in operation, with friends of Peter’s helping us celebrate and enjoy our hobby.

The images predominately focus on our Hunslet steam locomotive, but there is one photo of the Ruston diesel hauling the passenger carriages… perhaps next time Kieren returns, he’ll focus on the Ruston.

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Torque July 6, 2018 Front Page

Torque July 6, 2018 Front Page

Torque July 6, 2018 Page 2 - Editorial

Torque July 6, 2018 Page 2 – Editorial

Torque July 6, 2018 Page 3 - Pete's Hobby Railway

Torque July 6, 2018 Page 3 – Pete’s Hobby Railway

Torque July 6, 2018 Page 12 - Pete's Hobby Railway Gallery

Torque July 6, 2018 Page 12 – Pete’s Hobby Railway Gallery

Live Feed of Opening Ceremony

Your Local Wagga Weekly LogoOur friends from the Torque’s parent publication, Your Local Wagga Weekly, were also present at the Opening and they filmed a live stream of some of the proceedings.

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