Rolling Stock and Other Equipment

Pete’s Hobby Railway has a number of different Locomotives, along with various other Rolling Stock on site. They are in various states of operation and restoration. This page provides a brief summary about the Rolling Stock and Other Equipment.

Guard’s Van, with Passenger seating

Status: Operational, Fully Restored
When relocating from Loftus to Junee I took advantage to have one of my four passenger carriages restored and converted to include a Guard’s Compartment with an operating hand brake, which was all-but completed by Ainsworth Engineering by May 2016.

It retains “Second Class” seating for six passengers, although due to the poorer state of the other only currently operational carriage, this one is considered the “First Class” Passenger Carriage at present.

More information about the Guard Van restoration and conversion can be found in Progress Report 09.

Passenger Carriage – First Class

Status: Awaiting Restoration & Conversion
Plans are currently under discussion to convert one of the Passenger Carriages in to a First Class Passenger Carriage, with the possibility of having cushioned seats or lounges installed.

Passenger Carriage – Second Class

Status: Operational – Under Going Restoration
Rhys & Nicholas have commenced work on a basic restoration of the only other operational Passenger Carriage. They have currently had the exisiting seats re-enforced and the sanded back the exterior woodwork and freshly painted the timber and metal work, as well as repainting the floor. Further painting still needs occur and minor cosmetic works performed.

Dining Carriage

Status: Awaiting Restoration & Conversion
Plans are currently under discussion with a couple of volunteers to take one of the Passenger Cars off site in order to restore and convert it in to a Dining Car.

Track Inspection Vehicle

Status: Awaiting Restoration
The history of this vehicle is a little uncertain. It was obtained in a derelict condition from the Fairymead Sugar Co., Bundaberg, in August 1974, being the first narrow gauge relic to arrive at Loftus the following month. It is powered by a Willeys petrol engine of 1940s vintage. It is possible that the vehicle may have been built in 1928 for the 3ft 6in (1067mm) gauge Beaudesert Shire Tramway (located south of Brisbane, near the NSW border), rebuilt and enlarged in the 1940s and acquired by the Sugar Mill after the tramway closed in 1944, being subsequently regauged to 2ft gauge. It requires major rebuilding and mechanical overhaul before it is again operational.

Trike – Torpedeo 2

Status: Delivered
More information to follow

Other Equipment


Vertical Boiler

Status: Awaiting Installation
The Boiler itself was built at Mascot in Sydney in 1949 for the New South Wales Government Railways, being a standard 6hp unit. It saw limited use at Chullora, but spent most of its working life powering a steam crane at Civic Workshops in Newcastle before being withdrawn in 1975. It is planned to utilize this unit to supply steam to operate small exhibits, including pumps and a locomotive stoker motor.


For information about the Locomotives at Pete’s Hobby Railway, click on the previous link.