Private railway ready for action, Wagga Weekend Advertiser

The Wagga Weekend Advertiser published an article on Page 4 of the Saturday February 4, 2017 edition announcing that Pete’s Hobby Railway was “…ready for action”

The Grand Opening of Pete’s Hobby Railway was not a secretive affair (after all it was announced in the local papers days prior to the event), but it was a private event that formed part of the three day extravaganza to celebrate Peter’s 75th Birthday.

Private railway ready for action. Wagga Weekend Advertiser. February 04, 2017. Page 4

Private railway ready for action, as published in the Wagga Weekend Advertiser, February 04, 2017

This story, along with additional photos and links to some of our YouTube videos, was also posted to The Daily Advertiser website as Peter Neve OAM is ready to unveil his private train track in Junee on February 2, 2017.

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