Pete’s Hobby Railway has a number of different Locomotives, along with various other Rolling Stock on site. They are in various states of operation and restoration. This page provides a brief summary about the Locomotives.

Hunslet 0-4-2T

Hunslet 0-4-2T in front of Loftus Station, Pete's Hobby Railway, Junee

Hunslet 0-4-2T in front of Loftus Station, Pete’s Hobby Railway, Junee

Status: Operational, Fully Restored

Built in 1915 by the Hunslet Engine Co. of Leeds, England as works no. 1187, the engine saw service at the Inkerman Sugar Mill (owned by Pioneer Sugar Mills P/L) at Carstairs. It was withdrawn from service in the early 1960s and was subsequently placed on static display in Wangaratta Park at Queens Beach, Bowen. I acquired the locomotive on the 24/1/1975, and it arrived at Loftus on the 13/5/1975. It was subsequently restored to working order, operating on a maximum boiler pressure of 130 lbs per square inch. The locomotive was fully retubed in 2002, and was repainted in December 2003. For various reasons, the boiler certificate was later allowed to lapse.

As part of the relocation from Loftus to Junee, the Hunslet was fully stripped and commercially restored during 2015/16. See Progress Report 05 and Progress Report 06 for more information.

Ruston 48DL

Ruston 48DL (rear) with Guard's Carriage at front Pete's Hobby Railway, Junee

Ruston 48DL (rear)
with Guard’s Carriage at front
Pete’s Hobby Railway, Junee

Status: Operational, Fully Restored
This is a 48hp diesel unit, built in November 1955 by Ruston & Hornsby Ltd. of Lincoln, England, and is equipped with the optional extra of an electric starter motor (very handy!). Originally used on construction works in Hertfordshire, it is understood to have come to the Gin Gin Sugar Mill (near Bundaburg) via South Africa. It was acquired from Gibson & Howes Pty. Ltd. in August 1974, arriving at Loftus in May of the following year. After the replacement of a faulty gearbox and a damaged cylinder liner, the unit was again operational. At Loftus, the unit was used as a yard shunter, being particularly useful for moving the other items around as necessary. As part of my relocation from Loftus to Junee, it was decided that the locomotive should be commercially examined – at which time it was found to be in need of a major overhaul, which it received during the first half of 2016. A detailed Report on this overhaul will be prepared when time permits.

Perry 0-6-2T

Perry 0-6-2T Pete's Hobby Railway, Junee

Perry 0-6-2T
Pete’s Hobby Railway, Junee

Status: Static Display, awaiting restoration
Built in 1938 by the Perry Engineering Co. of South Australia (works order 6671) for the Amalgamated Sugar Mill’s Kalamia Mill, where it worked under the name of Chiverton. Replaced by a diesel unit about 1958, it was later placed on static display in Jaycees’ Park at East Ayr. The locomotive was obtained on 31/1/1975, and arrived at Loftus on 7/8/1975. The side tanks were removed owing to their poor condition and to permit a boiler inspection. The locomotive is currently stored on an isolated section of track at Pete’s Hobby Railway. Cosmetic restoration is slowly being undertaken in order to make the locomotive more presentable. An identical locomotive is currently preserved in working order at the Illawarra Light Railway Society’s museum at Tongara Road, Albion Park.

Fowler 0-6-0T+T

Fowler 0-6-0T+T (at rear) with its' Tender sitting in front Pete's Hobby Railway, Junee

Fowler 0-6-0T+T (at rear)
with its’ Tender sitting in front
Pete’s Hobby Railway, Junee

Status: Static Display, awaiting full restoration
Built by John Fowler & Co., also of Leeds in England, in 1899 (B/n 8766), For the Colonial Sugar Refining Co., it saw service at the companies various mills in Queensland before finally ending its days at the Victoria Mill, Ingham. Originally an 0-6-0 tank engine, it was subsequently fitted with a bogie tender to carry additional water and coal, thus considerably extending its domain. It had been fitted with a new boiler in 1932, and was fully overhauled in 1965 as a ‘standby’ locomotive. The subsequent years saw the locomotive and its tender placed on display at a local kindergarten, but its condition gradually deteriorated until it had to be removed in 1979. It was advertised for disposal in November 1982 and arrived at Loftus the following February. Mechanically and boiler-wise, the locomotive was in excellent condition, although various parts had been removed by the Mill to keep other locomotives in service. Restoration was commenced, including the construction of new side tanks. The tender has been separated from the locomotive and is now stowed separately on an isolated section of track. A future use for the tender is yet to be determined as any restoration of the locomotive would most likely be back to its original condition as a tank type.

Cosmetic Restoration of the Fowler was under taken in December 2016.

Rolling Stock & Other Equipment

For information about the other Rolling Stock and Other Equipment, at Pete’s Hobby Railway, please click on the previous link.